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THE Outdoor Skatepark

  • 16ft Vert wall
  • 9ft quarter pipe
  • 8ft quarter pipe
  • 6ft quarter pipe x2
  • 8ft bank
  • 5.5ft tall 8ft long box jump
  • 5.5ft street spine
  • 5ft and 6ft mini pipe
  • 15ft flat down round rail
  • 20ft hubba ledge
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The Roller Room

  • 100ft room with rollers down and back and steep bank at the end to turn around.
  • 3 rollers and a double on the one side and a dragons back of 4 rollers on the other.
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Mini Spine Room

  • Two 3.5ft mini pipes connected by a spine
  • 2 hubba ledges
  • Low flat down rail (great for learning)
  • 5ft quarter to bank
  • 2ft quarter pipe (great for learning drop ins)
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The Basement

  • 10ft vert wall to the ceiling
  • Long center Hubba
  • Mellow box jump
  • 5ft quarter to bank
  • 2.5ft quarter to bank
  • Adjustable height flat down rail
  • Small euro gap (a camper favorite)
  • 5ft quarter pipe
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The “Big” Airbag

  • 26ft dirt roll in to a 10ft kicker
  • 13ft tall 20ft wide landing airbag

Mini Mega Airbag

  • A 20ft roll in with two identical 5.5ft lips at the bottom
  • Left side 16ftX20ft flat airbag
  • Right side 10ft wide resi landing

The “Small” Airbag

  • 10ft roll in to a 5ft kicker
  • 6ft tall 15ft wide landing airbag
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The ROYAL Forest

  • 40+ dirt jumps ranging from 2ft table tops to 7.5ft kickers.
  • 3 drops (1ft, 3ft & 6ft) for beginner, intermediate & advanced riders.
  • 8 lines with increasing difficulty. Great for just learning or training for your next competition.
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The ROYAL Cabins

8 cabins settled around the courtyard hold up to 14 campers and require 2 counselors in each. Campers are assigned cabins based on age and the ranges vary based on the number of campers in attendance that week. Campers are never allowed in the cabins of the opposite gender. Cabins are equipped with twin bunk beds and an AC unit/heater.

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Bathrooms & Showers

The ROYAL team has transformed 2 shipping containers into a boys and girls bathroom/shower facility. Each container holds seven locking stalls with a toilet, stand up shower with shower curtain, and towel hook. Sinks and hand soap are located outside the bathrooms in a covered common space.

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Merch Shop

Our on-site shop holds ROYAL branded t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, badges/patches, bracelets, and even some sporting gear including skateboards, pads, helmets, and scooter gear! This space is also where our campers can use their phones, play chess or other low energy games to rest with friends.

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Snack Shop

This popular hangout spot features a lounge deck with tables and chairs, string lights at night, and lots of small and large snack options! Food items include candy, chips, Slim Jims, Clif bars, trail mix, beef jerky, fruit & veggies, Uncrustables, burritos, Hot Pockets, and pretzels. Drink items include Gatorade, sodas, Bai, water, tea, BANG, Red Bull, and Body Armor. Energy drinks are not sold to campers under 18 years of age.

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The Courtyard

This common space is used as the hub for campers hanging out between their ride sessions on our parks and trails! Nestled in the middle of our cabins, snack shop patio, bathrooms and dining pad, campers can challenge each other in nine square or gaga ball, or simply relax in our lounging chairs!

Other Features

On the way out to the forest dirt jumps and trails you will find a firepit and slacklines. The dining pad is also home to our beloved foosball table!