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Mountain Bike (MTB) riding has been around since 1970’s and just like BMX has a number of riding styles. Cross-country, Trail, Gravel, Downhill, Enduro, Slopestyle, Dirt Jumps, Four-cross, to name a few. At ROYAL we concentrate on Slope-style and Dirt Jumping.

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ROYAL MTB Visiting Pros

David Lieb Crown Christian Arehart

Check out our Dates & Rates to see who will be at camp this summer.

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“Without a doubt, ‘full send.’ The investment ROYAL makes in the kids is far beyond what any parent will pay to send their cherished son or daughter there. Absolutely life changing, and friendship forming, this is an experience not to be missed.”

Ride Through The ROYAL Forest

  • 40+ dirt jumps ranging from 2ft table tops to 7.5ft kickers.
  • 3 drops (1ft, 3ft & 6ft) for beginner, intermediate & advanced riders.
  • 8 lines with increasing difficulty. Great for just learning or training for your next competition.
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