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Support ROYAL Programs

ROYAL Corporation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit that relies on support from friends and family like you to grow and improve our programs! Your recurring donation will be placed into our general fund, where it will be used for the greatest need at the time of donation.

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One Time Donations

Giving a one time donation lets you support a specific project at ROYAL! There are several projects we are excited to pursue in order to advance our facility and our program for our families in the coming summers.

General Fund

Giving toward the general fund allows ROYAL to sustain the quality of our supplies, equipment, program, facility, staff and overall operation. Your funds will be used for the greatest need at the time of donation.

Donate to General Fund

New Roof Fund

Donations given toward the New Roof Fund will be used to purchase and install the neccessary HVAC and fire suppression systems in order to solidify the installation of a new roof!

Donate to New Roof Fund

Scholarship Fund

ROYAL strives to keep its program accessible to all - no matter the circumstances. Funds given to the scholarship fund will be used to help with financial assistance to those who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Donate to Scholarship Fund


Looking to donate outside of monetary contributions? We are always looking for innovative partners to share resources and skillsets toward our current projects! Reach out to to connect with our team about how you can help.