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Camp ROYAL is an Action Sports Summer Camp for both boys and girls of all skill levels in the breathtaking hills of West Virginia

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Whether campers come as beginners or are pushing pro careers, our coaches will help bring their performance to the next level!

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BMX / Scooter / MTB / Skateboard

Camp ROYAL’s dedicated coaches and cutting-edge facility create a space where we are able to guide our campers in progression, confidence and consistency. Our Faith-Based Action Sports program offers a positive approach to all aspects of an athlete’s life. Whether it’s your first time trying out a new sport or you’re entering into a pro career, we are able to offer all the needed coaching, skateparks and trails to expand your enthusiasm for your craft. Our team is passionate about creating life-altering experiences through the vehicle of action sports, so we can “full send” in our faith and our abilities. That’s what sets us apart.

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Since 2005, it has been our passion to see young athletes unlock who they were created to be.

“Camp ROYAL is the safest place for children to throw down extreme sports, make some art, or just simply get to know and accept Jesus as their savior… Camp ROYAL will change the future generation for the better.”Chris Farris

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ROYAL Declaration

The Royal Family is united under ONE Vision to embrace who we are as God’s children, ONE Hope in His unchanging love & grace, ONE Purpose in building His Kingdom & ONE Desire to experience greater intimacy with the ONE True King, Jesus Christ.

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“But you are the ones chosen by God. He has called us out of the darkness of a meaningless life & an eternity apart from Him, and into His wonderful, marvelous light. Because we belong to Him, we belong in His light.”

- The Apostle Peter

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ROYAL PRO is a social platform that promotes the life-changing message of True Identity in combination with the action sports lifestyle through hosting a like-minded online community, gamification through badges and rewards, and a training grounds for up-leveling in skills, tricks, and techniques.


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