“I honestly think that I care about this ministry more than anything I've cared about other than my family or God in the past 10 years. Not only have you guys shown me my worth but you have given me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of reason and as far as I'm concerned a purpose.”
- Scott (Parent)
“Camp ROYAL is amazing and inspirational! The entire camp is sprinkled with loving humans who want to share the love of the Lord and support your child while they try new adventures and make new friends! Whether it’s hopping on a scooter, or riding a skateboard for the first time, or exploring the trails on their bike with pro coaches, this place is sure to be one that will make lasting memories!”
- Kristen (Parent)
“If anyone wants their kids to be cared for in a genuine, Godly way, Camp ROYAL is the place to hangout.  Lives are being transformed, and true personal identity is being discovered!”
- Kim (Parent)
“Awesome!! Awesome!! Awesome!!!”
- Josh (Camper)
“Camp ROYAL is the safest place for children to throw down extreme sports, make some art, or just simply get to know and accept Jesus as their savior... Camp ROYAL will change the future generation for the better…”
- Chris (Local Skateboarder)
"My child has begun to present himself differently to others. He knows that Christ has chosen him to be different."
- John (Parent)
“My grandson loved this camp, loved the workers, counselors, they taught about living for the Lord. Noah can't talk enough about his experience during the last couple of weeks.”
- Dawn (Grandma)
“Camp was SUPER fun! I loved the outdoor pump track, I totally increased my confidence and skills.”
- Ethan (Camper)
“This camp was awesome - my sons had an amazing experience!! They made new friends and learned new tricks, but also got to see and understand what it means to put God first by the example and testimony of the trainers.”
- Jessica (Parent)
“Your camp and what you are doing is awesome. I’m sure that every child that comes there, leaves with awesome life lessons. My grandson loved making new friends, THE MEGA RAMP!!, and skating with pro skaters.”
- Daryl (Grandpa)
“This was a COMPLETELY AWESOME experience for my children. They were exhausted, happy, and excited. The staff were patient, compassionate, and kind - especially when my little had a meltdown. There are too many favorite moments to list…”
- Tina (Parent)