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Gone but Not Forgotten

Our 2024 season has looked drastically different from previous years at ROYAL. We had to make a few big decisions that would allow us to increase our margin for growth in the future. Some of these decisions included discontinuing the After School Program, postponing the RUMBLE Slopestyle Event, and shifting away from our Day Camp Programs. While we could never replace these foundational programs, we are building NEW programs that give us greater ability to continually and intentionally progress our kids.

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Extreme Commitment Meets Jovial Fun

The focus this year has been building upon the foundation that has been laid before us - the special mix of traditional summer camp fun with extreme commitment of action sports, and taking that a step further by highlighting the (what often seems like) extreme commitment to Jesus Christ and how much fun the walk with Him can be. Previous programs were forcing us to either strike a legal balance with governing bodies, or limiting our ability to really dive in deep with our audience. The focus, as we look ahead, is to build programs with an “all in” attitude towards both creativity and intentionality for our campers, families, athletes and beyond.

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Deeper Connections, Greater Impact

This year we started several brand new programs to test the value of what we are continually building, and gauge the responses of those participating. Open Sessions has given us a very special opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our local community, as well as other athletes from all over the east coast (and beyond) who are looking for a safe, positive facility to practice their passions. Progression Camps will launch in a week, where we have set the stage for our campers to experience their sport and Jesus on a deeper level than ever before. Our athletes have the ability now to step UP into a greater role as a teacher and mentor, leaving a greater impact in the sport itself as well as in the hearts of fellow athletes. We cannot wait to see what this year of offering MORE in the quality of our programs brings to the future of ROYAL, and we are honored to have all of you alongside us with every step.

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