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This Crazy Train

In seasons of massive change, it is easy to look around and say “who’s driving this crazy train?” The answer at ROYAL is always God. We love what He is doing, and even more so, we TRUST what He is doing with our future. God has been knocking us off the tracks to seek after His great adventure, and in doing so, is establishing a habit of following His voice at every turn.

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.”

― Henry Adams

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We’ve Transformed

This train might have been suited for the straight and smooth tracks that kept us steady, but now we are off-roading! We will need to be fitted with deep tread tires, detach the cars that sway us off course, and blow off the windows so we can feel the wind in our hair! Our crew is rolling up our sleeves, and setting up at the stations we work best.

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The Dream Team

Ed Bugg steps up to the wheel, keeping his ears tuned to God’s voice as he steers our vehicle through the journey that is set out before us, calling out to the team to prepare us for the next turn. His knowledge on how to operate this special type of vehicle keeps us efficient in how we function. Kate Freeman won’t be seen standing still. She is moving throughout the vehicle, making adjustments and tuning up areas that will keep us running smoothly as the terrain changes. Her knowledge of the internal parts of the vehicle ensures we are fit for the journey. Tim Davis is at the dashboard, watching over the fuel gauges, making sure we have everything we need to keep on trucking! You might find him on the phone or in person meeting with people, sharing the story of ROYAL and making connections that keep our gauges in the green. Brandon Heidemann is at HQ with a satellite phone directly connected to our vehicle. He is watching us on the map as we chart our course, ensuring we are moving, thriving and holding onto the heart of ROYAL with each adjustment.

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