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Drug Needles & Porta Johns

We look around our grounds and are reminded of where we came from and where we are going. God told us years ago if we were faithful He would fill this place. We are reminded of the time there were no bathrooms, and porta johns lined the building. The time our club times were just us circled up in the woods. The time we painted the buses in the parking lot when it was raining. When we only had a trailer to carry everything and it looked like an explosion of supplies. All the time we took searching for needles just to work in new areas of camp because of all the drug use before we got the building.

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Hard Work Pays Off

Tim has said he would never forget the moment he pulled into the parking lot the first summer with a load of kids and they couldn’t control themselves because of what they saw. Taking an old forgotten place and making it a safe place for your kids isn’t easy. The smiles, laughs, and tears have made this all worth it. God has and will always be faithful as long as we keep our eyes on Him.

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How the Local Community has Impacted ROYAL

We wouldn’t have made it anywhere if we didn’t have the foundation of our local community backing us all the way! The deep love we grew for the community has led us to try and fill their needs as much as possible, but in doing so, has taken us off path of the original mission of ROYAL. As we look toward our future of programming, we cannot ignore the impact the community has made on who we are at our core. Our aim, as we grow, is to continue to partner with and foster relationships with our local community. As we realign to our goals, one place we cannot fall short of is serving, loving, and honoring our West Virginia family!

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