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All the Transformative Moments Converged into One

Given the intentional small number of campers, coupled with the constant leadership from Chris, all of the transformative moments occurring at High Performance Camp converged to bring about the undisputed, most vivid highlight of the weekend – the extended resi/airbag session on the final night. The last freeride session of the week grew into much more than just another scheduled activity. As each and every athlete came together to encourage, support and push each other to achieve new goals, the schedule was pushed out over an hour to accommodate the energy of this moment. As the sun began to set, extra floodlights were gathered to illuminate the features so the riders could continue their efforts to “send it”. Playlists were exhausted as time stood still for each rider about to drop.

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Nothing Was Happening in the World Beyond that Light

One by one, riders stood atop the drop-in, illuminated brightly by the flood lights, and everyone else looked on from the shadows around the landings. All that could be heard were cheers of, “LET’S GOOOO! YOU GOT THIS!”, and cries of enthusiasm for each and every rider about to drop. Nothing was happening in the world beyond that light. The spotlight shone on each camper until fatigue or satisfaction was achieved, and each camper got more encouragement in that moment than they could ever imagine. To witness each rider giving their all with the weight of the entire camp’s cheers lifting and supporting each and every camper, was nothing short of electrifying.

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Thriving as a Close-Knit Community

Along with many new tricks landed and new personal bests achieved, what actually had formed was a group of riders who arrived as complete strangers, but were now thriving as a close-knit community. Community around the Gospel, community around scootering, and community with one another became everyone’s highlight that weekend. While each camper came focused on new tricks, new progression, and new knowledge, each one of them left with so much more – A truer sense of community and a truer identity of themselves.

Taking a Stand Toward Obedience

This is our WHY. Why we took a stand toward obedience to create a better foundation in our program for community and Gospel Identity to shine through in the end. Above all, we want to see campers experience Jesus in a way they never have before, solidifying who they are in His eyes, gaining access to the abundant life He gives us daily - and the best way we do that is together.

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