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A Year of Jubilee

Historically, The Jubilee year occurred after every seventh Sabbath year, and was a time for economic, cultural, environmental and communal reset, when the land and people rested. As ROYAL approaches its seventh year of summer camps in 2024, God has been shining His light on this year as being meant for divine growth, opportunity and expansion. We have been resetting our culture, and resting parts of our program in preparation for the amazing things God has in store for us next!

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Tuning into our Bullseye

You may have heard us reference 2024 as our “pull back” year, where we are literally pulling back on our offerings - downsizing some programs and pausing others altogether. One thing you won’t see us pull back on is our effort. Like an archer pulls back his bow, takes careful aim with a deep breath, we are fixing our eyes (and efforts) on a single bullseye in the midst of so many good targets we have been able to hit in the history of ROYAL. We are building momentum, setting up our next moves with intention and precision as God speaks to our actions.

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The Areas of Opportunity

In the midst of pulling back our offerings, we have created an environment that is light enough to shift people around in our organization, allowing our people to step into roles where their God-given gifts and talents are amplified. Each member of our team has unique and powerful giftings in which, together, are propelling ROYAL into its new exciting season of development. Our program this year is designed to offer greater intention and quality for everyone involved - from parents and campers to staff and athletes, we are setting up a sweet stage for Jesus to show up and show off in a way even we aren’t fully aware of yet. It only gets better from here!

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