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The What and Why of Progression Camp

In the fall of 2023, the Camp ROYAL team ventured out of our typical summer camp offerings in an effort to dive deeper, while measuring the interest of intermediate to advanced level Scooter athletes. The idea was a program called “High Performance Camp” that would be focused toward the progression of each athlete throughout every facet of their sport. Areas of emphasis for the program were; nutrition, foundational skills in riding and trick execution, competition mindset, proper rest, cross-training, sponsorships, personal community, and Gospel Identity. ROYAL was fortunate enough to partner with Chris Farris, the 2022 ISF World Champion, who came alongside us to help build the program, and then stepped into leading and coaching the athletes throughout the long weekend.

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The Experience

It was a weekend filled with delicious, locally catered meals that provided solid nutrition and the fuel needed for athletes who were riding non-stop and pushing themselves daily. In addition to that, each meal time facilitated a sense of community among the athletes as they gathered around the table to eat, talk and enjoy the time with each other. Classroom style education prior to each coaching session demonstrated things like proper body positioning when jumping, to proper tuck positioning for more efficient rotations while flipping. Seminar sessions highlighted topics like sponsorships and competition mindset. Nightly campfire gatherings led into camp wide debriefs along with the sharing of highs and lows for that day. Morning and afternoon Bible studies encouraged a biblical openness, vulnerability and authenticity among the campers.

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A New Beginning

This is the foundation that we used to build the Progression Camp model for the 2024 summer. Each part of our program has added value, greater intention, and a clearer direction for our campers. Visiting Pros are stepping into a leadership role, where their coaching skills and ability to connect with athletes are utilized to amplify the quality of a camper’s progression. Counselors’ main focus is relationship building with and between campers to kick start the community we look to build within each week and beyond. We leave the rest up to the Holy Spirit, as we invite Jesus into our wrestling, celebrating, resting and hard work. He shows up in a new way when we set the stage well for Him.

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