To make sure this young generation understands their value in God’s eyes and to empower them to live as ROYALTY.


We are athletes. We are artists. We are risk-takers. We are driven, innovative and fearless. But most importantly, WE ARE ROYAL. 


That millions of youth over many generations would come to faith in Jesus Christ and embrace their Identity as ROYALTY.


The King of Kings wants His children to know exactly how valuable they are in His eyes. He wants people to know who they are based on Who He is.


 To provide the best action sports training available, while reaching youth with the Gospel and teaching them how to live in their Identity as children of God.

Loving God. Loving People.


God has assembled an amazing team, a true family of athletes, counselors, administrators, risk management, camp & event management, marketing, etc. & more!


Founder | CEO | 2nd In Command

Coming from a background of pro motocross racing, he followed God’s invitation into action sports ministry in 2002, and started ROYAL in 2005. Brandon is crazy about ROYAL because he gets to be around all of his favorite things: action sports, his ultra talented team, the most incredible playground, and gets to share what it means to be a child of the King of the Universe with thousands of kids, young and old!



Camp Director & Property Director

Randy is ROYAL's Camp Director and Property Manager, and loves the platform it gives him to share Jesus with others. He and his wife, Michelle, live in Glen Jean, WV. They have two sons, Michael and Gabe. Randy is passionate about God, his wife, and being able to live for Christ everyday. His favorite ROYAL memory was watching God bring hope to all of the campers throughout the summer of 2018.



Camp Director

Jacques is a South African missionary in the US who spent 15 years in San Diego, California after submitting his life to Christ back in South Africa. Jacques spent 6 years in the Camping Ministry in San Diego, and 2 years of Camping Ministry in Texas. Jacques is an action sports enthusiast who started off skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, snowboarding, snowblading, and then mountain biking.



Sports Director

Jaret is our Assistant Camp Director, currently residing in Oak Hill, West Virginia. He specializes in film and building bike tracks and is passionate about seeing Jesus get His full reward for His work on the Cross! He loves mountain biking, wakeboarding, snowboarding, soccer and pizza. Jaret’s superhuman talent is falling harder than most humans and not breaking anything (he drinks a lot of milk). Jaret is married to the lovely Iisa and has two fur children (dogs).



Project Manager & Security Lead

Gabe is our ROYAL Project Manager and Security Lead, and he loves to be wherever God is working. Luckily, he can do that daily through his calling to ROYAL! Gabe, his warrior wife Karissa and their son Liam Judah live in Mount Hope, WV, very near to Camp ROYAL. There, they love their many opportunities to do ministry in their community. 



Camp Mom

Kim is our Camp Mom! She loves having the honor of caring for ROYAL staff and camp kids anyway she is able. Even though she is essentially everyone's mom, she also has two kids of her own: Brooke and Brandon, and their superhero dad in Heaven. She has a home in Buena Vista, CO, but rents it out anytime she goes to WV for camp! 



Outreach Coordinator & Program Director

Tim is our Outreach Coordinator and Program Manager, living on our Camp ROYAL property. Tim wears many hats at the moment, but loves people, casting vision and bringing change. He can't believe he gets to do this as a career! Tim loves that he also gets to do this with his best friend, Brandon, and so far that is one of his favorite things about ROYAL.



Office Manager

Jindy serves as ROYAL's Office Manager - she loves working behind the scenes to make things happen and is crazy about all things logistical, organizing, and planning. Jindy currently resides in Ft. Collins, CO where she is a full time Dental Hygenist and the Vice President of the Colorado Dental Hygenists' Association. 



Lead Counselor

Dustin is our Utility Player! He loves bringing the energy and the smiles everyday knowing that God is working through him to impact the campers and to support the team. He currently lives in Los Lunas, New Mexico, where he sells insurance. While passionate about many things, Dustin particularly loves our Father and serving others for His Kingdom.



Captain of Prayer Team

Brooke is the head of the ROYAL Prayer Team. She is the first one on the front lines in the war for ROYAL. She loves declaring His promises and watching Heaven break forth in victory. Brooke, her husband Luke, her four wild, tiny men and wild baby girl live in Buena Vista, CO, where they run a painting/window cleaning business. 



Administrative Support

Karie is our rockstar Adminstrative Support and excels at taking tasks off others' plates so they can better function in their gifting. She is full-throttle passionate about anything that combines relational connection, adrenaline-fueled activity and the outdoors, as well as chasing the Father's love wildly in the hearts of His children and His creation. 



Risk Manager

Rob lives in Colorado with his wife Jules, his sons William and Michael and his Daughter Princess, Opal. He has over twenty years as an outdoor guide and educator, during which he owned and ran Backcountry Adventures Unlimited, which specialized in guiding customized family adventures. 


Join us on the front lines as we battle for the lives of tomorrow's leaders!